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Puerto Rican Pique

Puerto Rican Pique

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cup ajíes caballeros (Puerto Rican hot peppers)


cloves of garlic, peeled


bay leaves large or 4 small


teaspoon ground oregano


cup diced fresh pineapple, optional

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    Pour the vinegar into the glass bottle, along with all other ingredients, cover and let it ferment for several days in a cool place. Add it to your favorite foods in small amounts.

Expert Tips

  • You can use habanero peppers, jalapenos or your preferred pepper.
  • You can use apple vinegar instead of white vinegar.

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More About This Recipe

  • If you love spicy food, then this recipe is just for you. In Puerto Rico, it's very common to see street vendors selling fresh produce and bottles of pique (Puerto Rican hot sauce) hung from a string. It's a beautiful, vivid sight and one of my favorite parts of our long Sunday strolls.The secret of the spicy pique is the amount of ají caballero (Puerto Rican chili pepper) you decide to add. To make it really spicy, make sure to mash them before you put them in the bottle.

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