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Custard without eggs

Custard without eggs

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Recipe Eggless Custard of 01-02-2018 [Updated on 01-02-2018]

There custard without eggs it's a delicious one yellow cream, useful for decorating any type of dessert or to be enjoyed with a spoon. After preparing the classic custard and chocolate custard (also white), could I ever miss this recipe?
I assure you that for the intolerant it is a real godsend because the egg-free cream has nothing to envy to the classic one and then it is much lighter, which never hurts;) The turmeric you find among the ingredients is only used to give color, because since it is a pinch it does not add who knows what flavor, so if you do not find it easily you can replace it with a little saffron or yellow food coloring.


How to make egg-free custard

Put the sugar and the starch in a saucepan and mix.
Then add the milk slowly and finally the grated lemon peel and the vanilla essence.

Mix the ingredients and transfer to the heat.
When the cream is about to thicken, add the turmeric.
Then mix.

Continue and mix in the meantime until the cream has thickened completely and will be free of lumps.

Your egg-free custard is ready.

Custard without eggs

There custard without eggs is a basic recipe and a variant of the classic custard perfect for those who are intolerant or allergic to eggs or simply prefer a cream lighter.
I have always loved it and I use it in many preparations, if you have tried my milk cream and you liked it, I am sure you will also love this very similar version.

It is a very easy and quick cream to prepare, it has a soft, light and velvety texture and is perfect for filling cakes like my chocolate cake without eggs, pies or cream puffs, also excellent as a spoon dessert to be served in cups with biscuits or sponge cake.

Here's how to prepare it at home with a few simple ingredients, if you replace whole milk with a vegetable drink like rice milk or soy milk also becomes completely vegan, in short, it is so versatile that it will be useful for many occasions.


To prepare the custard without eggs first wash the lemon and grate the zest being careful not to put the white part, otherwise it will release a bitter taste.

In a large saucepan put the sifted flour and starch, add the sugar and mix everything with a whisk.

Gradually add the milk, stirring constantly with a whisk. Add the grated lemon zest, the vanilla extract (or flavoring or vanillin) and bring the saucepan to the gas.

Cook a custard without eggs gently over low heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture thickens.

Add half a teaspoon of turmeric (which you can omit, and in this case the cream will be light in color!) Mix to mix well.

Once ready, transfer the cream to a bowl and cover it with cling film. This way the cream will not create dry skin on the surface.

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Egg-free cream with Thermomix

To prepare an egg-free custard with the Thermomix, start by putting the sugar in the jug with the lemon peel (without the white part!) and pulverize for 20 seconds at speed 7.

Add the milk, vanilla extract or vanillin, half a teaspoon of turmeric and cook at 90 ° for 7 minutes on speed 4.

How to make custard without eggs

by Giorgia Di Sabatino Contributor

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It can happen, in these difficult days, not to have all the ingredients you need at home and, as you know, you have to go out as little as possible. Then we make do with what we have. For example, you can make a custard without eggs

There custard without eggs it's the smartest recipe there is when you crave a dessert, but has practically nothing at home.
It can be prepared in a short time only with milk, sugar And flour and it can be used to fill cakes and biscuits, but also to prepare delicious bowls with cream, fresh fruit, dried fruit, grains, biscuits and everything you like best.

Like a cooked milk

The custard without eggs is a kind of cooked milk because the main ingredient is milk, to which a sweetener, i.e. sugar, and a thickener, i.e. flour or starch, are added.
It goes without saying that the milk must be very good, possibly fresh and whole.
If you want you can also use cream for a more full-bodied result and a more intense taste. And if you are vegans& # 8230 below we give you some advice for a version designed especially for you!

Egg-free custard recipe

To prepare the egg-free cream, heat in a saucepan 500 ml of milk with a berry of vanilla or with the zest of half a lemon. Watch out for the inner white part because it is very bitter and should not be used at all.
Then add 80 g of sugar and let it melt off the heat.
Remove the vanilla or lemon zest and add 60 g of flour well sieved.
Stir quickly with a hand whisk and return the saucepan to the stove continuing to cook for a few minutes over very low heat and always stirring with the whisk.
The cream is now ready.

Gluten free cream

We talked about flour, but you can also replace it with potato starch, both if you want to obtain a cream with a super light texture, and if you want a gluten-free cream.
Rice flour and specific gluten-free flours are also fine, but remember to always sift them well and add them to hot milk outside the stove and always mixing with a hand whisk.

Fight against lumps

Even in the egg-free cream you have to fight against the possible formation of lumps because, as we said, the flour must be sieved well and added and mixed very decisively otherwise it cooks quickly.
If, despite having followed all these indications, the cream should cause a tantrum, intervene with a immersion blender.
It is necessary to take a stand in certain cases and to work hard.

Vegan cream

To prepare a vegan custard you must not only eliminate the eggs, but also replace the cow's milk or cream with vegetable milk and sugar with whole cane sugar.
Among the different types of vegetable milks we recommend the sweeter and tastier ones such as almond and coconut milk.
Good, but very delicate also those of oats and rice.
Soy milk is always good, but only if you love its much more intense flavor than the others.

Yellow cream, but without eggs

To prepare an egg-free cream that is still yellow there is only one solution: you have to color it.
To do this you don't have to use food dyes, but simply some naturally colored powders such as turmeric, which does not have a strong flavor and therefore does not cover the taste of the milk.
Saffron also colors everything yellow, but be careful not to use too much because it can be heard.

Chocolate cream

Once the cream is ready, you can turn it into a cocoa cream by simply adding two tablespoons of cocoa to the still hot mixture, or 100 g of melted dark chocolate.
With the cocoa cream and the white one you can make two-tone cups, but also fill two different layers of cake. Obviously a cake without eggs!

How to make egg-free custard

Custard without eggs? why not! If the classic recipe is not suitable for you due to the presence of intolerances or allergies, it is possible to prepare an excellent egg-free cream to fill pastas, bign & egrave fillings, cakes and pastries.

There custard without eggs, in fact, it is just as greedy: it also has no calories and, consequently, it is perfect for all those who want to indulge in something sweet while remaining light.

If we want to be honest, then, the custard without eggs it closely resembles blancmange, a very ancient preparation which, it seems, dates back to the Middle Ages.

Like the recipe we are about to share with you, blancmange, in fact, is one egg-free cream which can also include almond flour inside. As the name suggests, per & ograve, it is a white cream.

On the contrary, ours custard without eggs There is one yellow cream which we will obtain by adding a pinch of turmeric to the ingredients.

So, let's go immediately to discover the recipe and the ingredients of the egg-free custard.


In a high-sided saucepan, combine the flour and cornstarch (previously sifted) with the sugar.

Pour the milk slowly, continuing to mix with a whisk so that no lumps form. We keep the heat low to prevent the cream from burning. low flame. Then add the grated lemon zest.

Bring to a boil, stirring constantly to prevent the cream from sticking to the bottom. We continue to cook until we reach the desired consistency.

We then turn off the flame, add the turmeric, mix a little more and then place the saucepan in a container with cold water and continue to mix: in this way we will avoid that unpleasant film is formed on the surface of the cream.

The cream is ready to be served or used to fill cakes.

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In the kitchen with Vila

semolina sugar or 125 g
flour 30 g
half a liter of milk (if you use vanilla soy milk, then omit the vanilin !!)
a vanilla pod (or a vanilin sachet)
a little yellow food coloring or turmeric or a pinch of saffron (but it will also give the aroma, besides the color)

put the milk to heat with sugar and vanilin. pour in the flour, and mix until there are no more lumps. put back on the heat and stir until the cream is ready.

A TIP: since the milk must be heated to flavor, if you do not want to make lumps, you can put the flour in another saucepan and slowly add the milk. so it will be easier not to have lumps

How to prepare an egg-free custard

Put the sugar and flour in a saucepan, add the milk slowly and mix to mix everything and obtain a smooth cream. Add the zest of an organic lemon and continue mixing. You have to be careful not to let the lumps form. Put the saucepan on the stove and cook over low heat, stirring constantly until the cream thickens. Turn off the heat and let it cool in the refrigerator covered with cling film. Use it after 30 minutes.

Doses & Ingredients

  • Doses for 4 people
  • Difficulty low
  • Preparation 5 min
  • Cooking 10 min
  • Cost Bass
  • Food availability easy
  • Whole milk 900 gr
  • Cream 100 gr
  • Egg yolk 250 gr
  • Sugar 200 gr
  • Cornstarch 40 gr
  • Bitter cocoa 50 gr
  • Dark chocolate 150 gr
  • Butter 100 gr

Custard without eggs, gluten and lactose

There Custard without eggs, gluten and lactose it is a basic preparation suitable for those with gluten and lactose intolerances, also prepared without eggs to make it lighter. A valid alternative to the classic custard. It can be used to prepare spoon desserts or to fill any dessert. Also try the gluten-free and lactose-free custard with eggs

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