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Baked chicken breast with couscous

Baked chicken breast with couscous

I seasoned the chicken breast with salt, pepper and herbs, I sprinkled it with tomato juice, a little oil and I added a few cloves of garlic. I put it in the oven.

I then prepared the couscous: in a pan I melted the butter, I added the finely chopped garlic and the capsicum. I didn't leave them on the fire for long and I added the couscous. I mixed and added 2 cups of water.

In a few minutes it's ready. I seasoned with salt and a little chili, after which I added chopped parsley.

I sliced ​​the chicken breast, placed it on a bed of salad, next to it I arranged the couscous, sliced ​​tomatoes, olives, bouquets of broccoli and a few sprigs of fresh parsley. A colorful and appetizing decor.