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The pork bacon is cut into strips about 3 cm wide, then the strips are cut into cubes.

Place the fat cubes in a large bowl, and sprinkle salt over them.

Cool the bowl overnight, or a few hours to get the salt into the bacon.

Take a bowl with a thick bottom, preferably a tuci and add melted lard or oil to it, then put the bacon cubes.

Put the bowl on the fire with less intensity at first and mix it from time to time with a wooden spatula, then when the bacon starts to melt, increase the intensity of the fire.

Leave the pot on the fire, chewing from time to time, until the scallops are nicely browned, almost dry.

They are removed with a foamer, in a sieve, letting them drain well from the fat on them, then they can be served.

They are good both hot and cold!

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