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Skewers with french fries, zucchini meatballs and yogurt sauce

Skewers with french fries, zucchini meatballs and yogurt sauce

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We start with the meat, which we will leave to marinate for a few hours. So we cut the beef into pieces, then we put it in a bowl, and over it we put the wine. After that, we add salt, pepper, thyme, oregano, a clove of garlic, grated, mix well, put the lid on the casserole and let the meat marinate for a few hours. After we finish, with the beef, we take care of the chicken and pork. So, we cut both the pork and the chicken, the pieces. We put the pieces of meat in a casserole, and over them we put the spoons of olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper. The meat is mixed, and finally we put 100ml of beer and the grated garlic clove. Then mix well again, put the lid on the pan and set aside for a few hours. After the meat has been marinated for a few hours, it is ready for the next step, so the meat is put in a strainer. First we put the beef. After that, the mixture of pork and chicken. While the meat is in the strainer, we can take care of the courgettes, therefore, we wash and grate the courgettes. After that, add salt and let the zucchini soak for a while. After the zucchini, we can start to put the meat on the skewer sticks.

So, we can start with beef, after pork and finally chicken. Until we finish the pieces of meat. I had 5 chopsticks. After that, we arranged the chopsticks on the stove grill and left them to fry over low heat. Now we can make the zucchini meatballs. So, over the grated zucchini, put green parsley, chopped and grated garlic. After that add the beaten egg, flour and mix well. In a pan, put oil, and when it starts to crumble, put the zucchini mixture with a spoon. We fry them on one side and on the other. After they are fried, we take them out on a plate, in which we put kitchen paper. And so, fry the whole zucchini composition, prepared. Next, prepare the sauce. In a bowl put the Greek yogurt, salt and pepper. Grate the cucumber. Grate the garlic. Cut the basil and parsley leaves and put them over the sauce. Mix well and set it aside. Further, clean, wash and cut the potatoes. Put oil in a pan, and when it starts to sizzle, put some potatoes. Frying them all, one at a time. After removing them from the oil, we put salt on them. After the meat is fried, we take it off the grill (if somehow the other products are not ready, the meat must be stored in a place where the heat is maintained). Once all is ready , we can swallow with great appetite, these wonders. Great appetite :)

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